The Evolution of was founded in 2021 by a group of friends with different backgrounds in marketing, design, business development and IT who shared the enthusiasm for DeFi. The idea came half a year prior, when they started using Liquidity Mining for themselves and discovered a major opportunity for improvement. The onboarding process was complicated and interested people were scared to invest without the help of an experienced user. So they decided to build a self-explanatory platform which resolves the current issues with Liquidity Mining.
Following, they founded a community about Liquidity Mining on Reddit. When thousands of users gave them answers to questions like: “What stops you from Liquidity Mining? What would the ideal platform feature and look like?” It started to become clear what is needed to make Liquidity Mining accessible for the whole crypto space. Considering the feedback of the community and their own background experience, step by step, the Grizzly came to life. wanted to become “the Apple of Liquidity Mining” by creating the most user-friendly interface and to help millions of people around the world to profit from the possibilities of DeFi.

After deciding on the slogan “Make DeFi accessible for everyone” the idea came to mind to incorporate the Traditional Finance world into DeFi. If DeFi is hard to understand for Crypto people, it’s impossible to understand for people outside of the crypto space. This is why is working on a solution that enables investors to participate in DeFi as easily as it is to invest into a bond or stock.

The Long-Term Vision of (Roadmap)

“Make DeFi accessible for everyone” – That’s the mission of the team.

The first step of accomplishing this goal is to build the most user friendly and most profitable liquidity aggregation platform. Since is not just another DEX with its own farms, we can expand as we wish to new upcoming projects. This gives a competitive advantage and allows to grow with the entire DeFi market.
One Click Invest, No Impermanent Loss and Auto Compounding will be available right from the start. The following features will be implemented later on:

Traditional Finance Implementation
Unrestricted access without any barriers and for everyone who wants to participate in the possibilities of Defi. This will be achieved by making investing as easy as possible, offering secure investment opportunities and optimizing the returns.
To make this possible, the team is currently collaborating with financial institutions on launching the first regulated “Liquidity Mining Fund”. This will allow people to invest into DeFi without hours of research and dealing with technical terms of the crypto space.
This Gateaway will make investing as easy as buying a stock on your bank account. We aim to launch this revolutionary feature in early 2022. If you want to read more about the Traditional Finance implementation click here to read more.

Collateralized Liquidity Mining
The next feature will release will be called “Collateralized Liquidity Mining”. This feature will for the first time combine Lending + Borrowing and Liquidity Mining into one single platform. Currently someone needs to sell their crypto for stablecoins to participate in However, a lot of people want to hold their BTC/ETH and gain from the price increase which is a fair point. But these people are missing a key element of Yield Farming. It’s possible to borrow capital against your crypto and liquidity mine with the borrowed capital. This is exactly how the rich earn so much money. They borrow money and invest it into something that earns more than they need to pay in interest. Currently this process is even harder than just investing in Liquidity Mining since it involves multiple platforms and sometimes even different blockchains.

Grizzly wants to change that by allowing users to invest into stablecoin liquidity mining and still keeping their BTC/ETH/BNB.

This works by depositing the desired crypto into a lending platform and taking out a loan in stablecoins. Those stablecoins will flow into the HIVE and yield is generated. When taking out a loan it’s very important to make sure that the deposited collateral is worth a certain percentage more than the loan taken out. This number depends on the lending platform. If this number is crossed the loan gets liquidated to cover the loan which results in a 10-40% loss for the user. This process however can be automated. The Grizzly development team is working on a smart contract which automatically pays back the loan if the collateral loses value and also takes out a higher loan if the collateral gains in value.
This means people can start building up a cash-flow from their cryptos without the hassle of checking prices daily. This will be a major breakthrough for and the entire DeFi / DEX space. Collateralized Liquidity Mining will be released later this year.

Grizzly Oracle
The profitability/yields of each pool change every day. It can be a time-consuming process to figure out the best ones and reallocate your money regularly. With “Grizzly Oracle Hive” we introduce a sophisticated algorithm that does various calculations to pick the best strategy and Liquidity Pool possible. This saves our users time, headaches and earns them more money.

Pro Mode will launch with different Hives (Liquidity Pools) like stablecoin Hives and Honey Token Hives which ensures minimal impermanent loss on the platform. This is great for people who are interested in constant and secure gains. But still is currently also working on a “Pro Mode” with a more complex User Interface where people can really dive deep into the numbers and invest in higher yielding pools like “ETH-ADA” for example. will still only include pools which are audited and secure but also give the users more flexibility when investing. Mobile App
There’s no doubt about the power of mobile. All the tech giants already realized that years ago and now most of the traffic generated on the internet is coming from mobile devices. When it comes to Crypto however this looks very different. Players like Binance and Coinbase have great mobile apps but there is still no single DeFi app on the App store. Since Roman, a main Contributor of the Grizzly Development Team, is running a successful app development company with +50 employees, creating a mobile app for seems like the only logical step after launch. We still need to figure out if a user will be able to invest through a mobile app or if the app will solely be used to track how much Honey was made during the day. In both cases, having a mobile app is something will implement soon Saving Product (Pension Fund)
The team loves to think big and a DeFi based Pension Fund is the End Boss of Traditional Finance. In most countries Pension Funds really struggle because of the growing number of old people needing support and shrinking number of younger people who pay into the Pension Fund.

As soon as the Grizzly Investment Fund goes live we would like to dedicate ourselves to building an investment possibilities which allows people to save a certain amount every month and invest it into DeFi and benefit from the compound effect.

Credit / Debit Card Gateway
Enabling people within the crypto space and traditional investors to earn money with liquidity mining is great but it’s still not “everyone”. The ordinary men & women most likely have no idea about investing in stocks nor crypto but everyone in a developed country owns some sort of credit / debit card. To really make DeFi accessible for everyone, we need to be able to accept investments through payment methods people use in their day-to-day lives.


Do you like the upcoming features? Do you have some ideas yourself? What does your ideal future of the grizzly look like? Let us know on our socials. will not stop innovating and growing. The Grizzly is here to stay.

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