Team of Grizzly

With every successful project, there is a well-knit team behind it. Usually, the founders of DeFi platforms hide behind the anonymity of the internet. Transparency & Integrity are very important to us and therefore, we want to do that differently. has nothing to hide and is here to stay. We want to show that by giving the commitment of a public appearance. This article will give you a quick introduction to our team, what background we have and how we help to make this project as successful as possible.


Our core team consists of six people who come from different areas and have different competencies, so that a professional team is formed. However, all of us have been active in the crypto market for many years, have developed knowledge and core skills there, and have even led their own projects in the blockchain space. The Grizzly Headquarters are located in Switzerland.


The Grizzly that can see into the future.

Andrés (IT Background) had the idea for the project. He is deep down in the crypto space since 2016 and is the visionary of our company. He is the front man and understands the complexity of the project the best. When other people scroll through instagram, Andrés reads about crypto. He started working as a developer and then moved to co-founding a Marketing Agency with Leon, designing websites and running ads. In 2020 Andrés was an early adopter of Liquidity Mining and has since then observed the space very intensely.


The Grizzly that combines Art with User Experience.

Leon worked as a developer at a marketing agency on Banking & Augmented Reality applications. Two years ago he chose to retrain himself into the topic of user experience & branding and co-founded a marketing agency together with Andrés. He brought the simplicity aspect and the storybranding of the into the project. “Liquidity Mining should be made as easy as setting up a new iPhone.” is his personal mission for


The Grizzly with the tech army behind his back.

Roman brings lots of expertise and manpower into the project. After finishing his bachelor in computer science, he started his own software & design firm with over 50 employees at the current time. This resource is currently heavily used to push forward the development of the project. Additionally, Roman has experience with asset management so he brought the idea, expertise and the network to connect our platform to the traditional finance space. Roman is our hero when it comes to building a business with a team of multiple dozens people.


The Grizzly that connects the dots.

With a M.Sc. in Business Development Grygoriy has an economic background. He has held management positions in the financial service sector and is experienced in the crypto space having worked as a Director of a blockchain Start-Up. He brings business-strategy to and connects the dots between all areas. He is also very well connected and brought valuable contacts into the project. Grygoriy is our hero when it comes to building a strong foundation for our future plans.


The Grizzly that has mastered the Art of Sales.

With his background in traditional finance sales, he has led his own insurance agency at only 18 years of age. Afterwards he worked for some major companies as a head of sales and project manager and later on continued his journey by building and coaching multi million dollar sales projects in the crypto space. Oliver specialises in developing and scaling sales systems and takes charge of our Traditional Finance area.


The Grizzly that builds our community.

After helping companies with marketing methods in an agency, Elias co-founded an ecommerce firm in Switzerland and focused on the growth of ecommerce stores. With years of experience in creating trends, ecommerce and brand building, Elias is responsible for growing the Grizzly community. His personal mission is to create a family out of the Grizzly Community.


The Extended Team

Stan van Eyk – Growth Hacker

Stan owns a recruitment company in Amsterdam and is well known for his Growth Hacking skills. He helps us grow the community even further through smart and unconventional marketing. Unfortunately crypto projects are not able to run conventional ads on Facebook / Instagram & co. This is why Stan’s skills are even more valuable to Grizzly.

Ismail Malik – Consultant

Ismail founded the Blockchain Lab in 2011 which was the first Blockchain lab worldwide. He is amongst the best connected people in the crypto community and he advised Projects like Icon and almost 100 others. He is an expert in DeFi in general and helps us out with Tokenomics, PR and consulting in general.

Fabio Martinetti – Consultant & Community Builder

Fabio ran the biggest gaming/modding community and sold modified Playstations and Controllers. He joined the team because he built a community of 2’000’000 people on Reddit which made his business very successful. One of our main focuses in Marketing is Reddit and Fabio is a real expert with real experience.

To build a sophisticated interface, smart contract and the platform of, we have our team of experts who work closely together to build the core-product behind

Sonny – Consultant

Mohanned – Consultant

Matthias – Designer

Betto – UI / UX Designer

Edrin – Graphic Designer

Denis – UI / UX Designer

Dren – Senior Developer

Max – Junior Developer

Kushtrim – Frontend Developer

Dren – Frontend Developer

Korab – Frontend Developer (React)

Edon – Project Manager

Rinor – Fullstack Developer

Yeray – Copywriter


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