blog Meets Traditional Finance

The mission of is “Make DeFi accessible for everyone”. This will be achieved by making investing as easy as possible, offering secure investment opportunities and optimizing the returns. This approach will get lots of people involved in who were scared off to invest into DeFi due to its complexity. But how many people actually own crypto? estimates that in 2021 a little over 100 Million people own cryptocurrencies. That’s about 1.25% of the total population. Of those 100 Million people about 2 Million people are now invested in DeFi. With we aim to increase this number. But that’s not making DeFi accessible for everyone right?

For us crypto enthusiasts, making 2x / 5x / 10x gains during a good year is nothing special anymore. But for a traditional investor who simply buys stocks, bonds or real estate making 10% a year is literally a Jackpot! Investments that pay out yields or dividends very rarely achieve a higher yield than 4-5%. Of course, 10% gains are possible when investing in the stock market but the stock market can also bring you -10% in a year.

Stablecoin Liquidity Mining, in contrast, offers high returns, high liquidity and an easily minimizable risk so it’s something people really want to invest in.

Obviously there are risks like a stablecoin losing its peg to the dollar or decentralized exchanges having major bugs. With some knowledge those risks can quickly be avoided. Such as only investing into audited stablecoins or into audited decentralized exchanges.



But there is one problem… How should for example a 50 year old ordinary guy who has no idea about crypto and can barely use a computer invest into Pancakeswap? Even some experienced crypto enthusiasts are struggling with it.
This is how the idea of launching a regulated Liquidity Mining “Hedge Fund” was born.

The Grizzly Team is currently working day and night to bring exactly this to reality. This task has its own and very unique challenges which can’t be solved by developers but experienced lawyers instead.

The Banking World and the Crypto World merge more and more together and we’re very proud to announce that is already in close discussions with banks and financial institutions to bring the vision of a Liquidity Mining Fund to life. This means that everyone with a bank account is able to invest into without knowing anything about Crypto or DeFi.

The Special thing about the Fund is that The Crypto Community however will benefit most from this feature. All Honey Tokens earned by Traditional Investors will automatically be burnt, reducing the supply even more. The Crypto Space is about 1000x smaller than the Traditional Finance Market and this is why we believe that and the Honey Token have an enormous potential in the near future.

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