Features of aims to be the Hub of Liquidity Mining. An Aggregator where Liquidity Mining is made easier, safer and more profitable than ever before. In this article, we want to give a quick overview of the unique features of and what YOU gain from it.

To benefit the most from this article, it is best to have a basic understanding of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), and Liquidity Mining. is yet to be released and will launch in Q4 2021 on Polygon and the Binance Smart Chain. Features at Release (v1)

The following features will launch together with the first version of the Platform. The Platform will release in Q4 of 2021. Make sure to follow our Socials and get notified when the bear crawls out of his cave.🐻


One-Click Invest

If you have used Liquidity Mining before, you probably know how complicated the different investment processes can be. Until now. With the “one-click invest” introduces the most straightforward onboarding process ever, which saves our users a lot of time and headaches. Furthermore, Liquidity Mining beginners will have an easy entrance into the technology.

Before, Liquidity Mining users had to 1. Select a pair 2. Buy the two tokens of this pair 3. Trade those two tokens into LP-tokens and finally 4. Stake the LP-tokens into a pool to receive rewards. Furthermore, users often had to do this on different sites, which made it even more complicated. With the innovative Smart Contract of this can all be done in one click with less time and less fees spent. Liquidity Mining has never been easier.


Auto Compounding

Every investor knows: the compound effect works wonders for the patient. takes advantage of this and re-invests your rewards on a daily basis and pays the fees for you. This not only results in more profits for users but also frees them of the hassle of manually doing it every day.

The difference between a Liquidity Mining Platform and a Liquidity Aggregator, is that the Aggregator does the re-investing for you. Our algorithm calculates the optimal number of re-invests and with the use of our shared re-investment pool, reduces the fees for each user to a minimum. optimises your capital so you gain the most from it.


The Hub of Liquidity Mining acts as a Hub for Liquidity Mining by listing the best pools of the best websites at one uncluttered place. Users don’t invest in, they invest through No more need to manage dozens of different platforms – everything is put neatly together in one place.

Before, Liquidity Mining users had to manage many different sites. They had to check each pool on each site regularly to make sure the APY’s are still good enough. combines many different pools of various sites and makes managing them so much easier.


No Impermanent Loss

As Warren Buffet once said: “Rule #1: never lose money.” This is why has its focus on stable-coin pairs where users don’t face the risk of impermanent loss.

Impermanent loss happens when the price of the two tokens in your liquidity-mining pair starts to evolve in different directions. When one currency gains value compared to the other, the distribution of the two tokens changes to the provider’s disadvantage. Liquidity providers suddenly have a lot more of the worse-performing token in their wallets compared to the start. This becomes a problem, when HODLing both of the coins individually would have outperformed the gains made with Liquidity Mining. This is one of the most commonly named reasons why people lose money or even don’t have liquidity mine at all.

With stable coin pairs, this cannot happen because both tokens in the pair are coupled to the same price. The consequence is that you get continuous and positive returns and do not have to fear that volatility risks will destroy these returns.


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