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The interface is one of the features that the Grizzly team is particularly proud of, because of the focus on user friendliness and simplicity. Instead of talking about Liquidity Provider, Smart Contracts, Liquidity Pools and LP Tokens, is telling a compelling story

The investor is portrayed as the grizzly. A relaxed looking bear which suggests that everyone can use The Bees are the assistant of the grizzly. They take his coins and go to work in the hive. This is a symbol for the smart contract that does all the work for the investor. The Hive is the place where Money or in this case Honey is made. It represents the Liquidity Pool and if Bees bring your coins there, Honey will drip out and is ready to be eaten by the Grizzly.

Disclaimer: The User Interface is still under development and characteristics like APYs, texts and Liquidity Pools are just placeholders. This also means that you can give us feedback, which we may be able to incorporate into the ongoing development of the first version. The user Interface aims to combine a technical style (eg hexagons) with exciting and funny elements like the Grizzly itself to show that everyone can use it in a simple way. The user interface also hosts a variety of playful elements like the “Connect Wallet” button where bees fly out when a user connects his hovers through it.

Users will be able to invest into the so-called Grizzly Hives which either involve the HONEY token or pools without impermanent loss such as stable coins or single asset pools. All Hives only feature the most important information on the main screen. If a user is interested in more information the “Details” dropdown also showcases all available information about this specific liquidity Hive. Soon the logo of the platform where the liquidity pool is located (like Pancakeswap or will be shown by having a little flag on top of the Hive.

When clicking the “Invest” button this window shown below opens up. Here the user can decide which Cryptos he’d like to invest (Only Coins/Tokens held by the user are displayed) and how much the user would like to invest. This input immediately changes the “Monthly Income” and “Yearly Income”, telling the user what type of return he can expect. Usually by using other platforms this needs to be calculated in a complex Excel spreadsheet… – We all have been there, done that. Luckily not anymore.

By clicking the Transaction Settings button a more advanced user can set the max. slippage and other settings.

Afterwards the user only needs to decide between the Grizzly- or Standard reinvestment strategy to determine what happens with the rewards. The Standard Strategy takes the rewards in Stable Coins, adds Honey tokens and reinvests them into the Hive to achieve a compound effect that way. The Grizzly Strategy is extremely profitable because it takes the rewards generated, buys Honey tokens with it on the open market and stakes them to earn additional high rewards and create a compound effect.

After having invested in a Hive or the Honeypot (Honey Staking Pool) the rewards are displayed in the Hub. Here our Grizzlies can see how much the Hive is worth, see the APY, harvest Honey, add more into the Hive or withdraw to their wallet. In the Honeypot there is no Harvest button since all rewards are automatically reinvested. However if a user decides to take Honey out of the Honeypot, he can do that through the “-” button and add more through the “+” button.

Here you can see how the withdrawal window works. It’s pretty straightforward. You can choose how much you’d like to withdraw and choose whether you want to receive BNBs or stable coins. Easy right?

Now we hope you have a clear understanding of the difference between the Grizzly user interface and other current user interfaces on the market.

As mentioned above this is not the final version and the team is still working on it. Features like the “Collateralized Liquidity Mining” where people can deposit their Crypto into our Lending Platform and do Liquidity Mining with the borrowed capital are not completely developed yet but we will be announced to the Grizzly Community on our Socials. Please feel free to give us feedback and let us know what you think about the user interface.

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